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Richard Neale as Paul McCartneyRichard Neale and his Beatles tribute band, Mersey Beat
Singer - songwriter - plays bass & guitar.

1996 - Became a member of a pop band called Foxalone.

1997 - Foxalone met JACQUES REVAUX (French songwriter who wrote the music to "My Way") and signed with his record company (Trema), which released their single "Ou Est Le Mal" with extensive TV and radio promotions.

1998 - Began his career as a professional Paul McCartney impersonator with European Beatles band, which sang on the rooftop of a double-decker bus traveling down the Champs Elysee for an automobile promotion show with President Chirac in attendance.

2000 - In the U.S. and while still writing songs, specialized as a McCartney impersonator with U.S. Beatles band MerseyBeat (playing libraries, high schools, colleges, camps, country & yacht clubs, etc., along with live radio performances & TV appearances).

06/2002 - Performed as a member of the opening act for the band America in Stamford, CT.

02/09/04 - With MerseyBeat, created a re-enactment of the Beatles' arrival in the U.S. 40 years ago with a concert at the Intrepid Museum, sponsored by The Daily News and Q-104 Radio hosted by Ken Dashow; played live at the Museum of Television and Radio for CBS-FM Radio, hosted by Dan Daniels and Cousin Brucie along with special guest, Sid Bernstein; made TV appearance on Metro TV's "Antique Show and Sell" and appeared and performed live on ESPN's "Cold Pizza".

02/15/04 - Performed in concert with his European Beatles band at the Olympia Theatre in Paris for an audience of 2,000, celebrating the Beatles' arrival in Paris at the Olympia 40 years ago and personally introduced special guest performer Tony Sheridan and his band, along with performance by Gary Gibson, the #1 British John Lennon impersonator, with whom he also appeared on French national TV to promote the Olympia.

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